Culture muddling our brains
I'm suddenly bemoaning the fact that I have to perceive everything--the world, etc.--through my brain. I mean, my eyes and ears, and then my brain. I'm bemoaning this fact because my brain, like every brain, is clouded by culture. Scientific research in nutrition and dietetics is not immune to the bias of culture as well as personal quirks and tastes. Evaluating the American diet requires the study of history, psychology, economics and other cultures around the world in order to, at the very least, decrease bias and open one's mind to all the possibilities. 

Women are consumers
We (women) may be poorer than men -- we are paid less for the same work and we're more likely to be the ones filling low-wage jobs -- but we are consumers. One thing we consume is TV. I'm just bringing this up because I was reading an article about the Lifetime channel's move towards including more female directors and writers. This change that they made has brought them success and I think that is because -- duh -- women watch TV, not just men.

Focus Areas

Apply for LAUSD internship/credential program

Reviews -- blog & videos


Website about Food Waste -- lots of links to articles information

Fermentation and other forms of preservation

Volunteer at MEND

--> Through teaching science, I can teach about food. We can do fermentation experiments. I'm gaining experience in teaching. My resume will look stellar now. If I don't get acceptec into the program, I will just volunteer at MEND and other Summer food program stuff. Later on, I can get a Master's on Nutritional Science and study probiotics.

(Internally -- confidence and grace through Jesus Christ).

internal revolution
As much as I want to be vegan, I can't help always finding flaws in the hypotheses if vegan folks. Like Jim Mason -- I was just reading exerpts from his book, An Unnatural Order and he's talking about men hunting and women gathering in the earliest human groups and how that shaped our view of animals and domination, but I read in some Scientific American article that early female humans were actually very much involved in hunting and, in fact, were the first to develop weapons for hunting animals. And that little fact, recently discovered, destroys the connection between subjugation of women and of animals. Women have always hunted and eaten animals. I just think the anthropological views of Jim Mason are outdated and inaccurate. I would like to see an updated examination of the history of our relationship to animals and each other.

Trying to get the story straight in my own mind has held me back from embracing a revolution in my own life. I'd like to go vegan, boycott everything that doesn't meet my standards, and make the aim of my life to minimize the harm and impact of my existence. That's rather dreary, though. The process would involve making a lot of decesions, doing without many things, and refraining from doing a lot of things. Where do I draw the line? I don't want to stop driving, but how can I keep buying gas and stick to my principles? What are my principles? That is the main difficulting -- defining what is unacceptable and then cutting it out of my life. How radical, how extreme can I be without alienating the person I love most? I want him to have and do whatever he wants, but I can't really care as much about getting a house or traveling. I don't really give a shit about doing things if I have to sacrifice my principles in order to do them. So, I still have to get a job and, overall, figure out what to do with my time. What have I been doing with my time? Learning. Yet I still haven't boiled down everything I've read into a simple set of truths or a clear-cut cause to work towards. I can't even clearly picture the life I'd like to live. I've given up on happiness. I would be satisfied with simply not bieng horrified every day of my life at the consequence of my existence. I want to clear out and strip away anything that is harmful and pointless and wasteful.

Sexual exploitation (prostitution, etc) and Anarchy don't mix

Being Free from oppression and free from capitalism and money would automatically mean the end of prostitution -- it's so obvious. It's like Anarchy 101. I don't blame people for the things that are done to them or their means of survival, but I want a better world for all of us. In an anarchist world, people would associate freely, and have sex with each other because both (or all) parties involved felt the desire and made the free and informed choice to do so. Below is a link to an interesting pamphlet from a few years ago that explores anarchy and prostitution.

feeling like a person
I was just thinking about how I used to think that only a ciswoman could know what it feels like to be a woman. However, now I'm not really sure that cis women feel like women. I had to ask myself -- do I feel like a woman? What part of my internal sense of self could I actually call the "woman" part? I can't identify any feelings that I've ever had that I could really call "feeling like a woman." I've been treated like a woman -- that treatment provokes emotions. I associate those feelings with being a woman because they are the result of others perceiving me as female and treating me a particular way in accordance with that facet of my identity. So, the question is this: is there such a feeling as "feeling like a woman"? Does such a thing exist?

So I won't have to look allover for it again
Valour towards their enemies and love towards their wives, are the two heads of his discourse, never failing in the close, to put them in mind, that 'tis their wives who provide them their drink warm and well seasoned. -- Montaigne

They admit it.
"The question of whether or not to sell ourselves to men is a false one: The real question is how to sell ourselves in the way that is least destructive to ourselves and our sisters. Prostitutes don't need our condescension. What they need is our alliance. And we need theirs."
The New Our Bodies, Ourselves, Boston Women's Health Collective, p 113

I found the quote, above, at a pro-life website: In the past, the association with pro-lifers would have bothered me, but she's just quoting from a publication and I'm interpreting that quote. What it says to me is that women who are in favor of allowing women to continue to be prostituted around the globe readily admit that it is "destructive." They want to minimize that destruction, but they state it like the obvious fact that it is -- IT IS DESTRUCTIVE. I've explained in previous posts, and others have done so as well, the harm that prostitution does to its victims. All I want to say now is that it is absolutely hypocritical for anyone to call herself a feminist while promoting a practice that is destructive to women -- especially when they readily admit that it is destructive!

There is so much we can't see. The visible light spectrum is very limiting
It may be impossible to really have gender equality. If we're all part of the manifesting thoughts of a being who is offspring of only half of the God/Goddess creator or originator (or simply, original consciousness -- that which always has been and always will be), then we're doomed to imbalance.

What the next year will look like, realistically
There are so many things I'd like to do, or think I'd like to do, but I need to think about what is actually do-able in the next year or so. We're moving to NH. I'll still be in school through the middle of June.

January -- Move into our new apartment; Winter Quarter begins, 1 or 2 classes, lab assistant for food analysis; sustainability project with Brenda; submission for competition
February -- Still in school, still assisting, competition; sustainability project with Brenda
March -- same stuff
April -- Spring Quarter, 1 class, and an internship, competition still going on? Work on resume; prepare for career fair
May -- same stuff
June -- Finish sustainability project, finish internship, graduate
July -- find a job
August -- start working, hopefully
September -- work, actually have fun and socialize; help Mom with her business
October -- have a Halloween party
November -- keep working and recover from party
December -- 2nd wedding anniversary

Buy a house; keep working; start working on FNB, paramornal research, feminist stuff, etc.

Okay, this turned out to be pretty boring to lay this out, but it made me realize that I really will not have any time for stuff outside of school.


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