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They admit it.
"The question of whether or not to sell ourselves to men is a false one: The real question is how to sell ourselves in the way that is least destructive to ourselves and our sisters. Prostitutes don't need our condescension. What they need is our alliance. And we need theirs."
The New Our Bodies, Ourselves, Boston Women's Health Collective, p 113

I found the quote, above, at a pro-life website: In the past, the association with pro-lifers would have bothered me, but she's just quoting from a publication and I'm interpreting that quote. What it says to me is that women who are in favor of allowing women to continue to be prostituted around the globe readily admit that it is "destructive." They want to minimize that destruction, but they state it like the obvious fact that it is -- IT IS DESTRUCTIVE. I've explained in previous posts, and others have done so as well, the harm that prostitution does to its victims. All I want to say now is that it is absolutely hypocritical for anyone to call herself a feminist while promoting a practice that is destructive to women -- especially when they readily admit that it is destructive!


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